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Non-invasive, natural and drug-free the LipoGenie can reshape your body whether you are looking for general inch loss or simply to tackle that stubborn area which you just can’t budge.

This amazing technology, though only recently introduced, is based on and utilises the well researched and clinically proven low level laser therapy technology. It provides a quick and easy treatment with remarkable inch loss results.

The gentle action of the LipoGenie effectively ‘ deflates’ the fat cells by prompting a biochemical response called lipolysis – the breakdown and release of the fatty contents of the adipose cells.

The treatment’s photobiological action is non-invasive and the metabolic process prompted occurs naturally with absolutely no cell destruction. Treatment is completely painless, fast and effective.

The treatment can be used to ‘sculpt’ the contours of the waist, hips, upper arms or thighs, or to smooth the curves of the abdomen, back or jawline.


Typically there is a measurable result by the end of treatment and in trials clients on average lost over 10% of torso circumference per course of treatment.